Who Invented Radio

Who Invented Radio

WHO INVENTED RADIO – how this global innovation was made?

Who Invented Radio : Radio was invented as a result of two other inventions – telegraph and telephone. The invention of these three devices is very close related as one device was leading and connected to the invention of another one. The first version of radio was wireless telegraphy, which was based on radio waves. The discovery of radio waves was quite revolutionary in the development of technologies as they could transmit voice, pictures and other data through the air. Electromagnetic waves were used not only in the development of radio, but also in the development of wireless phones and television.

In the 1860s, James Maxwell made a huge discovery in this field when he predicted that there are radio waves existing in the world. In 1886, another scientist, named Heinrich Hertz, proved James Maxwell’s proposition by projecting swift variation of electric waves into space in a form of radio waves.

After the invention of the telephone, scientists made an experiment to send music through the telephone line. Guglielmo Marconi became important in managing the radio signals of this experiment.

Inspired by the discovery of radio waves, Guglielmo Marconi proposed his idea that radio waves could be used for sending and receiving wireless telegraph messages, which he called wireless telegraphs. In 1898, when he moved to England, the scientist made the first radio broadcast of a sports event.

In 1899, he launched the first radio factory in Essex and created a line between England and France. In 1901, he expanded this line by joining the United States to it. In 1909, Guglielmo Marconi was presented with the Nobel Prize in Physics for the wireless telegraph. What should be mentioned is that his device was only able to send signals, but not voices. Therefore, Guglielmo Marconi is not considered as the one who invented the radio, but he did quite a lot of contributions to the development of it.

Many people consider Nikola Tesla to be the pioneer of radio. He suggested a theoretical radio model even before Guglielmo Marconi’s invention. In 1896, another inventor, J.C. Bose presented radio transmission to British Governor General at Calcutta. The transmission reached 3 miles. His invention made an even bigger step as the transmission was able to go through mountains, walls and water, which was missing in the invention of Heinrich Hertz.

Radio transmitters became improved year after year as more and more scientists and inventors got interested in the development of it. One of such inventors was Lee Deforest, who invented space telegraphy. There was a need for a detector of the electromagnetic radiation to improve the radio even more. This detector was discovered by Lee Deforest, as well. In fact, he was also the first person, who used the term ‘radio’.

Lee Deforest did many other significant contributions to the development of the radio as he discovered AM radio, which started to broadcast radio stations. This was quite a big step as the gap transmitters used before were not able to accomplish this function. Thus, there are many notable names in the development of the radio, but the inventor of it is considered to be Nikola Tesla.

Who Invented Radio

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