Who Invented The Telephone

Who Invented The Telephone

WHO INVENTED THE TELEPHONE – who stood behind telephone invention?

Who Invented The Telephone : Today, the telephone has become an important part of our everyday lives. Imagine yourself spending at least one day without using it. It would be really hard, although manageable, wouldn’t it? When you start to think that long time ago, nobody used this device, it becomes difficult to grasp how people informed each other about important news and how one would tell to another that he was not going to come to a meeting point because of some reason?

We can all agree that the telephone is one of the most important inventions used by a modern society. However, the question arises: who invented the telephone? The answer is quite vague – there are quite a few people who contributed to this invention. The result of it was that there were a lot of lawsuits relating to the patent claims of people who stated that they invented the telephone.

Generally speaking, the telephone was invented in the period of 1844-1898, starting from its first version – an electric voice-transmission device. More successful telephone inventions were done by Alexander Graham Bell, who created the first practical telephone, Antonio Meucci and Thomas Watson.

These three people by many are considered as the ones that contributed the most to the modern telephone. Only in the late 19th century, telephones that were commercially successful were created.

The first concept of the telephone has been known for centuries now and it resembles a child’s toy – the tin can telephone, which is made by connecting the bottoms of two paper cups or metal tins using the two ends of a string. After this invention, an electromagnetic telephone followed, a concept of which was created by Wilhelm Eduard Weber and Carl Friedrich Gauss. They created something, which was later used in similar electromagnetic devices. In fact, they are credited with inventing the first electromagnetic telegraph in the world.

In 1840, Charles Grafton Page created what is known today as ‘galvanic music’, which was created by connecting and disconnecting the current, which caused a horseshoe magnet make a ringing sound. In 1849, Innocenzo Manzetti invented an automaton. In 1864, he was stated to actually build his first telephone using this automaton.

In 1854, Charles Bourseul designed the first make-and-break telephone version. In 1860, another inventor, Johann Philipp Reis, created an electromagnetic device, which transmitted musical notes and vague speech, which was made clearer using electric signals. He was also the first one who, in fact, used the word ‘telephon’ to call his invention. Johan Phillip Reis’s invention was even tested by the Standard Telephones and Cables in Britain.

In 1854, Antonio Meucci created an improved version of Johan Phillip Reis’s invention and called it a ‘telettrofono’. In 2002, the United States House of Representatives claimed that it was Antonio Meucci who is considered as the pioneer of inventing the telephone. However, Canada’s 37th Parliament had a different opinion and stated that it was Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone. He is known as the creator of the first practical telephone, which could actually be used to transmit speech. Years later, other engineers added all necessary elements to make the telephone more useful and convenient, such as the call bell, ring tone, central telephone exchange and wireless phones.

Who Invented The Telephone

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