Who Invented Pac Man

Who Invented Pac Man

Who Invented Pac Man – who did invent this superb fun game?

Who Invented Pac Man : Pac Man is one of the most popular games that were designed in the 1980s and still are popular. The game was unique in a sense that in the 1980s, most of the video games were based on shooting aliens, whereas Pac Man looked like an interactive cartoon game. The player of the game could navigate a yellow character in a maze, which was full of white dots for it to eat and colorful fast-going ghosts, from which the character had to escape.

From its beginning, the game became immensely popular and it is still played by various generations today. Thus, who invented Pac Man, one of the most popular video games of all time? Pac Man was invented by Toru Iwatani in 1980. In 1977, when he was 22 years old, Toru Iwatani began to work at Namco. What is even more interesting is that he did not have any training in creating video games. When he was hired to work there, Toru Iwatani thought that he would be working on pinball machines. However, his job was different – he was designing paddle games, such as Bomb Bee, Gee Bee and Cutie Q.

At that time, Japanese gaming scene was quite monotonous. The games were usually dark shooting scenes, which were created in a way similar to Space Invaders. In fact, Toru Iwatani also created one of such games, called Galaxian. Then, he wanted to add something unique, which Japanese gaming scene had not seen before. One reason for that was that Toru Iwatani wanted to design a game, which could be played not only by men, but also by women. Another reason was that he thought that the existing games were too violent.

He came up with the concept of Pac Man when he was eating a pizza. He took one slice of it and noticed the shape of the remaining pizza, which looked like his designed shape of Pac Man. Therefore, he decided to create a video game, which would have something to do with eating. After creating the design of the main character of the game, Toru Iwatani added a maze to it and developed a power cookie. When the main character eats the power cookie, it can eat the colorful ghosts. This idea came from watching Popeye cartoons – when Popeye eats spinach, he can fight against his enemies.

The remaining characters – the ghosts – were also created from cartoon inspirations, such as Obake no Q-taro, which featured Japanese ghosts that steal food, and more known cartoon characters, such as Casper. All ghosts had different purposes – one was chasing the yellow character and then changing its own direction, two others were trying to attack it from the front, whereas the last one chased the character, trying to destroy it.

Pac Man became the first video game that introduced cut-scenes to the world of video games. In creating Pac Man, Toru Iwatani was joined by other people, such as sound designer Toshio Kai and programmer Shigeo Funaki. The game was developed in 18 months.


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