Who Invented The Car | How Cars Were Invented

Who Invented The Car | How Cars Were Invented

WHO INVENTED THE CAR – FIND out real inventors of the cars

Who Invented The Car : In your neighborhood, there are probably many places, which can be reached walking on foot. However, there are probably some other sites, which can be reached only using some sort of transportation. How do you reach your workplace? Is it so close that you can walk there or do you get a ride from your colleagues or have your own car? If you own a car, it would be probably difficult to imagine a week without driving it. Even if there are some places, which you can reach by walking, you probably decide to save time and drive there.
Have you ever thought about who invented this means of transportation, without which it would be difficult for you to reach many places? Well, the development of the car has many stages and the first created car did not look a lot like the one in your garage.
In 1886, Karl Benz became the one invented the first modern car. However, before him, there were many other engineers who tried to achieve what Karl Benz did. It is also known that one of these engineers was a Flemish missionary named Ferdinand Verbiest, who was born in 1623.

He might have actually been the one who invented the first car in the world. In the text which he wrote, Ferdinand Verbiest stated that he created a small, self-propelled car. This car was built as a toy for the emperor. This device was built 200 years before the first modern car was created. Although it was quite a big achievement, however, there are some uncertainties about it whether it was an actual toy or just a design, which Ferdinand Verbiest saw in his head.
In the 1700s, a lot of inventors were working on the car which would use steam engines. Examples of these inventors include James Watt and Thomas Newcomen. In the period of 1769-1771, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot became the one who developed a full-sized car with a steam engine. This achievement was accomplished 30 years before the first steam locomotive was created. However, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot’s invented car was not perfect as it did not have a good weight distribution and could not ride on an uneven surface. Also, the only purpose of this car was to take heavy artillery on the battlefield. In 1771, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot’s car crashed into the wall, which marked the first car accident.
In the following decades, British inventors tried to create a perfect steam carriage. In the 19th century, Richard Trevithick became famous with his invention of the first full-sized vehicle, which could actually be used on the road. In the 1820s and the 1830s, steam buses became popular amongst the British audience. Thus, it is obvious that inventors regarded steam to be the key element in building a practical car.
However, it was Karl Benz who changed this direction and used the internal combustion engine to build the first modern car. In 1886, he invented what today is known the pioneer of the modern automobile. It is also known that some German inventors had the same design to build a car like Karl Benz, but it is he to who all the credit is given.

Who Invented The Car

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